Top Five On-Page Activities

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  • We will check if optimal count of content per page is of 600-700 words or not, as less than 300 words is considered as thin-quality website by Google.


  • Secondly, we need to add targeted keywords in content such as H1, first paragraph etc.


  • We will check that the content delivering the right information or not.


  • Optimizing Look and feel of placing the content. It should not be complex, placed with bullet point, images etc.


2) Keyword Analysis-


  • Need to research on competitors websites like what keyword they are targeting and finalize keywords list with high search volume and medium competition.


  • We will target both long tail and short tail keyword for targeted countries.


3) Robots and Meta tags-


  • We will check whether our website has allowed google to index or not


  • Meta tags is first thing that google crawl so we need to optimize it well with right keywords.
  • we will set the meta title and description with google standard character limit


4) Schema Tags


  • It is generally a code that we place in source code to help the search engine to show our website uniquely in the search result. For example:


  • This will help our website to grab more attention when any user search the related query on google as schema tag will highlight our information uniquely through star rating.


5) Broken LinksĀ 


  • We will check if there is any broken link associated with our website. As one broken link can miss one website visitors i.e lead or conversion.


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