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Really crazy because in 2021 the Fireflies E07 flashlight is the brightest flashlight with an incredible 6200 lumens.

If you are looking for a cheap but brighter flashlight, I think you should go for the Fireflies E07 2021 version. Did you know that the Firefly flashlight, specifically the E07, has 14 modes but is incredibly controlled with just one button? Even calling them “the brightest torch in the world”, he is a specialist with only one skill.

Firefly torches provide excellent performance when saving and navigating. Can be used as a bicycle flashlight, party flashlight, or self-defense flashlight. So, if you want to illuminate the area, its lumens will be enough for the longest distance.


Explore some Pros and Cons below:


  • Show off the world’s brightest and best lumen flashlight.
  • Value: Premium fireflies flashlight cost USD 69.99 + and produce bright light (6200 Lumens in Turbo)
  • Highly Customizable Modes
  • Find it in the dark: backlit button and aux LEDs
  • Well, structure conductive ability.
  • With a strong magnet on the tail.
  • Use 1 x 18650 batteries.
  • 2 available colors, coated glass lens, and Ice- blue aux LED choices.


  • Very difficult to find new batteries like 21700.
  • There is a need for an external charger.
  • Reportedly, old editions of lumen flashlights were found with quality issues.
  • Too many modes
  • Puzzle instructions for nerds.

Size & Features:

  • 7 x SST20 10W 5000K NW
  • It has a body of 113mm(L )x 37.5mm (Head) x 26mm
  • 6200 Lumens in Turbo
  •  Better machining quality, Stronger body
  •  Utilized New Switch button 
  •  Better waterproof design
  •  Compatible batteries: 21700 and 18650 (Batteries Not Included)
  •  Size/driver function remains the same

What Comes in a Box?

When you order this Fireflies flashlight, you will get standby O rings; Stainless Steel clip; Lanyard; Gift box from!

Handling might require some extra care because it comes with heat power. Your kid can burn themselves therefore make sure the flashlight does not play with it at all. These lumen flashlights are a big boy toy with a confident grip. so be careful elders!

In my opinion, the Fireflies E07 version is exhibitionistic, requiring no marketing. Although I do not deny that a person will not be able to charge this flashlight through the user interface or via a USB cable. Despite this, some amazing features such as a ramp model, state-of-the-art technology, and a programmable beacon cannot be overlooked.

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