The Evolution Of Home Renovation Services In Kolkata

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Are you thinking of redesigning your home by refurbishing and refurbishing it, which option is best for you? We are now talking about a Kolkata-based company that provides the best home renovation and renovation services at your fingertips. Home renovation services are available near your home, no matter what kind of home you have.

Most companies offer specific services, but DS Infra offers you the best in home renovations and remodeling, apartment renovations, ceiling repairs, painting, and painting services. Since all the home renovation services you need are available in one place, there is no need to move to another location.

Get to know the services we provide to you and how it all works. As a leading building construction and renovation service provider in Kolkata, DS Infra has been in the market for several years and has an excellent reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. You are provided with home repairs according to industrial principles. These features include durability, water and impact resistance, and minimal maintenance costs. 

1. Paint colors can make your home look great, but choosing the right paints, and painting materials are no easy task. The company provides safe non-toxic paints and paints for your family. Our company’s painters are fully vaccinated and follow all precautions, including protective masks and gloves, disinfectant solutions, and vaccinations. 

2. Suspended ceilings are used in your home to make it more inviting and elegant. The company supplies the best quality countertops at an affordable price. You will never get bored of the clean and uniform look of the interior space created by our home renovation team.  

3. There is no sound when walking on the floor, and there is no fear of slipping when you move on it, as the floor is permanently fixed. The floor covering supplied by us gives the floor a new look and a matte finish. It is durable and easy to clean. Since the floors will be resistant to heat and fire, there is less fear that an accident will happen.  

4. DS Infra is committed to providing you with wallpapers that complement your walls. Wallpapers are selected in accordance with the color preferences and tastes of customers. Wallpaper design and cost depend on the choice of design. Backgrounds are printed using screen printing, digital printing, rotary printing, and surface printing techniques.

5. In traditional cuisines, some problems need to be solved. Modular kitchen designs avoid these issues and make your kitchen unique within your budget and limited space. We have created modular kitchens with various elements such as PVC panels, modular cabinets, various materials, and accessories. There are many modular kitchens, including U-shaped kitchens, L-shaped kitchens, straight modular kitchens, island kitchens, and more. 

6. Electrical assessment is the most important task in any family. When renovating a house, the most important thing is to hire a qualified electrician so that there are no short circuit problems in the future. In our company, all our electricians have a good reputation and experience. They know their job well and perform their duties to the best of their ability.

7. There is no doubt that the furniture is the heart of the house and it reflects the taste of the occupants. That’s why we always strive to provide the best furniture for your home. Furniture materials come in different types and styles, mainly classified according to their purpose. Making furniture seems easy, but it’s not an easy task. 

8. After a few years, the marble becomes dull and dirty. Marble polishing is a process that restores marble to its original lustrous and lustrous state. In addition to increasing the density of the marble, it also makes the surface shinier and less prone to cracking, chipping, and fogging. Our team of specialists polishes marble and uses only branded products for this task. The team will make sure that all electrical work, roof leaks, or cracks are done properly, reducing the chance of injury or risk.

Solve Your Safety Concerns:

  1.  Increase pleasure and comfort: with our renovation, your home will become a comfortable and pleasant place for you and your family. You never want to go outside for any reason. They always care about our clients and make sure they enjoy every moment.
  2. Increase the value of your home: If your home is beautiful and you want to sell it, the services they provide will increase the value of your home and allow you to get a better price. 

If you want to know anything about this then you can reach out to us to get assistance and keep reading and adoring our blogs and stay updated!

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