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Stay-At-Home Deserves A Better Life Insurance Why?

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” You only live once but if you do it in the right way, once is enough”

You must be wondering why we are talking about stay-at-home life insurance if they don’t work and earn regular income. We know people have set their minds with a constant thought that “life insurance should only be bought for the sole breadwinner”. But in today’s blog, we are going to show the importance of stay-at-home parents in our life.

Before moving ahead let me ask a few questions to you;

  • Are you able to manage your house without a stay-at-home mom?
  • Can you give a better future to your child?
  • Will your salary be enough to pay household expenses?

Do you know doing the stay-at-home task is the toughest job in the world? At least, we have weekends but our stay-at-home parent does not. They remain busy doing household chores, washing clothes, ironing the clothes & preparing food without taking a break. So, can you imagine your life without them?

Perhaps NO!!!

Moreover, missing them forever can increase the burden on your expenses such as hiring a babysitter, cook, or domestic helper to take care of your child. Here comes the need for life insurance!

Having life insurance for your stay-at-home protects you from future uncertainty such as untimely death of sole wage-earner, disability, or permanent loss of income. In the event of a stay-at-home parent’s death, the beneficiary receives a death payout which he or she can use to secure the future financially. As everyone knows life insurance ensures financial security when a sole income-earner dies unexpectedly but let us tell you that life insurance like Term life insurance can offer more than you think!

Now let’s dive into the benefits of enrolling in life insurance policies;

  • Secure the future of the loved ones financially.
  • Payoff the mortgage loans, debts, and other expenses.
  • Replace the income from the death payout.
  • Build a healthy & secure future for your child.
  • Can pay your child’s education fees.
  • Tax-exempted death benefits.
  • Some life insurance such as Permanent life insurance policy offers saving investment option (cash value) along with death benefits.


We have seen many people deny buying life insurance policies because they think it’s worthless. Moreover, youngsters are more against it because they find themselves fit & fine. In addition to this, many believe that life insurance affects their bank balance.

Here is good news for you!!

Among a number of life insurance policies, there is one affordable and pocket-friendly life insurance that only demands 1% of your monthly salary to secure your loved one. You can it “Term life insurance”, “short-term life insurance“, or “temporary life insurance”.

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Term life insurance is one of the best life insurance policies that remain active for a fixed time and offers guaranteed death benefits. The policyholder itself chooses the life insurance coverage plan, duration, and premium relatively lower than the permanent life insurance coverage. You enjoy the same benefits as the permanent policy but at less price. Isn’t a good option?

Pondering about the cost of the term life insurance policy?

It actually depends upon the following factors. Have a look here;

  1. Policyholder age, gender & health.
  2. How much does a policyholder earn?
  3. Current financial condition & future coverage needs?
  4. What type of insurance plan did he/she choose?
  5. Historical records like medical records, DUIs records, etc.

For better calculation of term life insurance cost, you can hire a reliable term life insurance company.


  • You need life insurance if you are the sole earner of the family.
  • If you have a mortgage loan.
  • If you are getting married or just had a baby.
  • Reached the retirement age.

Still, thinking about why you or your loved ones need life insurance? It’s not about what you need, it’s about how much your family will need when you pass away untimely. So, search for the best insurance agent and get life insurance to secure them financially.


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