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Thus, you will write more and earn more money. The effort does not correlate to the quality of the article or content. I used to believe that the more effort you put in for a longer period, the better the article would be. 

I learned that this mentality is shallow and dangerous after thousands of hours as a writer. It drains your energy and wastes your best hours of concentration, making you burn out every few weeks or months.

As part of an effort to reduce my writing time, I wrote, edited, and published this article in exactly one hour. I didn’t think it was a very good piece, but I decided to publish it anyway so I would be complete.

Since I began fighting my perfectionism habits tenaciously, I have started writing more and helping more people. Meanwhile, we will discuss how you can write an excellent, high-quality article in one hour, including everything from writing to publication. Let’s get started.

  1. Do some freewriting: It was easier to put any thoughts on paper without judging them at first (nor the views themselves, nor the way they were expressed, nor the grammar). Time yourself for 25 minutes and start writing. I thought such an exercise was necessary initially, but you might not be in the same frame of mind as I was, so if you can begin with a plan from the beginning, that will be even better. I commend you for your effort.
    I must mention that, despite its complexity, this did not happen overnight. I didn’t start writing articles in one-hour chunks on the first day. It actually took me more than a few weeks, but it was all worth it in the end. 
  2. Editing: The reason for giving yourself fewer editing hours is also because it’s easy to relapse into perfectionism with too much time. And the longer you allow yourself, the more you tolerate this. Initially, I allowed myself 40 minutes, then gradually lowered that to 15 to 20 minutes, as I realized it would be suitable for editing a single article. It will take longer if I write a long, detailed post requiring extensive research. My phone made it possible for me to almost read and scan the article faster, allowing me to highlight content that was missing and needed trimming.  
  3. Publication: Now you’re almost done. Check the article, read it, add images, links, and everything else, then hit “send to publication” or publish it on your profile or send it to the client. Whatever it is you want to do. Taking a break, making yourself some coffee or tea, or whatever beverage you enjoy, and relaxing will help your mind to wander, and your focus will shift away from the topic you just wrote about. Give yourself about 20 to 30 minutes.

There may be some people who find this advice strange – even nuts. But I offer it for your sake. You don’t want to hear the same commonsense advice over and over again, do you?

My writing occurs almost always on an empty stomach. I write immediately after my morning routine (almost) first thing in the morning. I never eat breakfast and follow an intermittent fasting regimen.

After eating, I notice a noticeable difference. I’m feeling heavier, I have difficulty focusing, and I don’t “feel like it.” During digestion, you may feel tired and sleepy, so your cognitive abilities will be diminished.

You should give this trick a try at least a few times to see how it works. For the first few days, you will likely feel the opposite since you are too hungry to focus on anything, but if you persevere, you will notice a significant difference in your life.

In your observation, you may have noticed that I didn’t get to the one-hour mark (you can count 55 minutes as part of the task), and sometimes I spend even less time on a task depending on my level of focus, topic, or how busy my day is that day.

As far as error and distractions go, you should leave some room for them. Not too much, otherwise, it could be a sign of perfectionism returning. Finally, I understand that you may be skeptical at first, and you may struggle a little, but you will be amazed by what you can achieve if you follow through.


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