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In the last few years, technology has made it possible for users to experience the functionality of desktop computers on their handheld devices, which has spawned smartphone use. Mobile apps are becoming a part of our everyday lives. 

Today, more and more desktop users are becoming mobile users as Ecommerce stores are converting into mobile apps. Also, an increasing number of people now spend more and more time on e-commerce mobile apps. There is no doubt that consumers are drawn to unique online products that meet their preferences and needs based on the convenience, ease, and magnetism of e-Shopping. 

Ecommerce apps give customers a personalized shopping experience, even from the comfort of their homes, as they can browse and order products whenever and wherever they want. There is no doubt that a third of all online shopping is done through mobile apps. Despite this fact, only a few sites are offering mobile apps for their online stores at present. 

Even if we talk about business promoting, website promotion, or SEO strategies, the google algorithm says- it is important to have a mobile app for every online business

The user experience with mobile apps is quicker, simpler, and more interactive than with websites. In addition, mobile devices have various features including GPS, cameras, and other applications of all kinds, such as payments and social networks. Due to this, not only the largest players, but also small vendors and entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe now sell their products and services via several E-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, and many others.

What Does Mobile App Conversion Rate Mean?

Getting a high conversion rate in your mobile application signifies that your products are performing well in the app store and with your end-users. It is an important metric for app developers and owners alike because it shows how well your app is performing among users. As a result, it gives you a better idea of how your app is being used by the final user as well as what kind of impact it is having on their daily lives. It tells you how the user discovers your app, downloads it, registers themselves, and makes in-app purchases.

The MAC rate for popular industry sectors is shown below. A conversion rate of 1% is generally considered good.

Increase the conversion rate of your mobile app with these tips

  • App users should be able to perform actions easily
  • Address friction points in your processes and streamline them
  • IOS and Android Apps Should be Marketed Separately
  • Testing on all the supported devices
  • Use push notifications
  • Execute UI/UX optimization
  • Ensure that CTA buttons are prominent
  • Optimize your app traffic sources by cross-promotion
  • Encourage User participation

What to watch for in 2022 in mobile app development

You can find apps in every aspect of life- from shopping to studying to nearly any activity you can imagine. The necessity of the internet to perform even the smallest tasks, such as serving customers, makes it sensible for businesses to follow the trend to achieve unprecedented growth.

  1. This year has seen the introduction of 5G technology at full scale, and we see 5G-capable devices on the market. Technology has been around for a while, but it is becoming a buzzword.
  2. In 2022, there will be 50 million foldable devices shipped. You should also consider this in your mobile app development strategy when planning out your strategy.
  3. It may be temporary, but Pokémon Go pioneered AR development for mobile apps. It demonstrated that VR could theoretically be used in real life to offer an immersive experience.
  4. The wearable device industry is already dominating the world. States report that 453 million connected wearable devices were sold in 2017, and 929 million are expected by 2022. In 2017, there were many important developments in the wearable devices industry.
  5. We can guess how popular mobile entertainment apps are by the fact that Netflix has around 74% active subscribers in the US and Canada. Entertainment and gaming apps have become an essential part of the lifestyle. Some people even can’t imagine living without them.
  6. After FaceApp became a phenomenon, many people wondered: What’s next? This is when AI brought something that blew my expectations out of the water. 

Apps for Business: A Growing Need

By limiting itself to web apps, a business is crippling its future growth. For instance, enterprises send thousands of messages each day to their employees and customers. Many of these are attached to files and have attachments.

Additionally, restoration, security, productivity, and compliance issues also emerge frequently with the growing amount of data. As a result, email archiving apps become increasingly relevant since they offer their advantages and likewise, other features as well.

Small businesses benefit from these useful apps:

  • Evernote: A digital notebook can help you remember important ideas and let you revisit them in the future without forgetting them.
  • Square Register: Among the many features of Square Register are the ability to send digital receipts to customers, track inventory, and download previous transaction records in Excel.
  • Wunderlist: The days of paper to-do lists are over. Today, it’s better to go digital. You will be reducing paper clutter (and going green! ), and you will be able to access your lists across your devices.
  • Slack: Slack has become wildly popular for its simple interface, intuitive functionality, and useful collaboration features. If you’ve ever looked for communication apps for your small business, you’ve most likely come across them.
  • HipChat: A Slack or HipChat integration can be beneficial to your business, depending on your team size. If you are not sure which is better, take a look at this study that compares HipChat and Slack.
  • RescueTime: RescueTime is an application that helps you track how you spend your time and provides reports and data based on the information it collects.
  • Wave: If you’re a small business owner with a limited budget and a handful of employees, Wave is a better option than Quickbooks. While it’s not as robust as Quickbooks, it gets the job done.
  • Basecamp: With this app, you can successfully manage your tasks (and those of your employees) so that you are always informed about the things happening in your business, whether you are at work or not.


It is a measure that will tell you whether your current marketing strategies are yielding effective results or whether you need to adjust them. The Mobile App Conversion Rate doesn’t determine whether your app is a hit or a flop. When you have developed a better understanding of conversion rate factors and how they can be changed, you will be able to use them to drive sales, increase ROI, and meet your business goals.

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