Best 5 ways to Boost My Wi-fi Network

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Before processing the ways to Boost wi-fi network, let us discuss what is Wi-fi network and why it is important.

What is the Wi-Fi network?

The full form of Wi-Fi is wireless networking. It is used to provide the network connection with high-speed internet quality. Wi-Fi does not need a physical wire connection to connect with the receiver. It is connected to the devices wirelessly.

Importance of Wi-fi Network

Almost everyone knows the importance of Wi-Fi. This generation is 90% dependent upon the internet only. The internet is being used in every corner of the world. Larger the area, the larger the need for an internet connection. It is not possible to connect an internet connection to each device for the employees in the offices. So, the need for Wi-Fi is required here. One wi-fi can be connected to many devices. Moreover, in some of the large offices, multiple wi-fi is being set up to cover large areas.

Apart from the offices, houses also need a wi-fi connection. Multiple people of the same house can use the internet through one wi-fi connection. It can be used for some entertainment, work from home, and many more things.

Let us discuss some more advantages:
  • Elastic: Wireless networks can be expanded to a wide area as compared to a simple internet connection that can only be used in a single device at a single point in time.
  • Flexibility: It is flexible as it is a wireless connection and can be accessed even outside the normal workplace. For example, the railway station provides a free wi-fi connection to the people inside the railway station.
  • Convenient in nature: It is convenient as it can be used anywhere you want. It can be used at home or in offices.
  • Cost: The cost of connecting Wi-Fi is much cheaper as compared to purchasing a simple internet connection for every single user. 
Problems that you may face in Wi-Fi 

In this world everything has its pros and cons so does Wi-Fi may have. We are enlisting some common issues of the wi-fi network.

  • Wi-Fi network is not available: Sometimes a situation arises when the Wi-Fi network is available but is not shown in the available network list.
  • Unpredictability: A person may face a bad experience of disparity of network that may be because of the distance of the router and the wi-fi connector.
  • Numerous devices connected: An issue may arise if multiple devices are connected with one wi-fi device. It may behave inconsistently. 
  • Password connectivity: When you are initially connecting the device with the Wi-Fi and the network ask for the username and the password. However, you enter the username and the password but still, you have no connection.
  • Connected with the Wi-Fi but no internet access: A major issue comes when you are successfully connected to the Wi-Fi and also the network connection is full. However, you are unable to access the internet. 
Let’s check out the solutions for all these above wi-fi issues
  •  Wi-Fi network is not available: If you are unable to connect with the available Wi-Fi network, the first thing you need to check is if you have disabled Wi-Fi or the device may be in airplane mode. Also, you need to check your bandwidth connectivity.
  • Unpredictability: You may face the disparity of the network because of the distance of your router with a broadband connection. If there is a distance problem, you need to move closer to the router as a different router has a different range.
  • Numerous devices connected: The only solution to this problem is to disconnect some of the 3 devices. Disconnecting some devices will help to run the internet smoothly as some of the Wi-Fi networks do not support huge capacity.
  • Password connectivity: Once you are entering the username and the password, you need to check that you are entering the right spelling and capital words. Also, you need to check whether you are connecting your device with the correct wi-fi network or not. As sometimes in the available network list, you may find a network with a similar name.
  • Connected with the Wi-Fi but no internet access: Forgetting a solution to this issue you need to initially check the network address to check its assigned range. If you are connected with a small network, it at times runs out of address to assign and your device creates a self-assigned address which may result in no connectivity to the internet.

I hope you have got the solution to all your Wi-Fi network issues. Moreover, Netgear Company is the topmost company to provide the best routers all around the world. If you want to expand your internet you may use the Wi-Fi extender or mesh router. The Netgear company provides various types of routers for example Asus, TPlink, Orbi, etc. with different ranges.

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